One-on-One Therapy

At Active Health Physical Therapy we provide one-on-one care. What does this mean? It means you will see the same therapist at each visit.

Unlike some other clinics where you see a different person each visit, your therapist will perform the initial evaluation, develop your treatment plan, and personally provide your treatment.

One-on-One Means You Communicate with “Your” Therapist Each Visit

This is best illustrated with an example.

Let’s say Jim comes in to the clinic with a painful frozen shoulder that won’t move. The therapist asks Jim a number of questions. He says that he has a lot of trouble tucking in his shirt, fastening his car seat belt, and it is very painful to throw a ball with his son.

The therapist then checks Jim’s shoulder motion, strength, and functional movement.

Based on the amount of pain, limited motion, and trouble Jim is having with daily activities, the therapist discusses treatment goals, the number of visits it is likely to take to achieve them, and gives Jim a personalized home program.

One-on-One Makes Follow-up Treatments Faster & Easier

Each time Jim comes into the clinic for a treatment session, the therapist knows that he needs to focus on recovering Jim’s motion and needs to help Jim with tucking in his shirt, putting on a seatbelt, and throwing again.

Moreover, he knows that he can’t push Jim too hard to recover Jim’s throwing motion because that’s what really causes him a lot of pain.

One-on-One Care is Not Only Better Clinical Care, It’s Better Customer Service

Contrast this to a practice where Jim sees a different person each time…an assistant, an aide, maybe even a different therapist. Now there are three people that have to know Jim’s problems, limitations, goals, and how hard to push him.

Communication and care suffer when there are multiple providers delivering the care. Jim is frustrated too because he has to tell three different people about his problems, limitations, and how hard to push into his pain.

Continuity of Care is Better with One-on-One Care

Based on the example above, it’s easy to understand that one-on-one care results in:

  • better communication,
  • better clinical care,
  • better customer service,
  • and in many cases, it takes fewer visits to achieve your goals.

The same therapist that evaluates you, discusses your limitations, and treatment goals is the one that treats you, progresses you, and communicates with you each and every visit.

It’s simply a better treatment approach.

We Encourage You to Call Today and Experience All of the Benefits of One-on-One Care